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The costs associated with a business can feel overwhelming. Insurance, telecommunication, merchant processing, taxes, etc. It’s too time consuming to compare every option each year! Our software compares your plan to every available option in the market.
What’s the result? Our average client saves between $20,000-$100,000 annually and each $1 of profit added increases company values by roughly $3. Apply to be our next success story. Reduce My Expenses

The Process:

Reduce expenses, implement processes to boost operation efficiency, and then market your company to our hyper responsive buyer database. We often double the initial sale price in 2-6 months!

In other words we help you build the value of your business then, at your discretion, transition your business at the right time, at the right price.

Expense Reduction Software

Using our proprietary software analytics suite. We reduce fixed costs, lower vendor and supplier costs, without compromise to quality or service. Utilize one of our industry specific advisors to run a complementary analysis. It will show you the level of achievable savings.

For more information visit Reduce My Expenses

Find the Right Buyer

Our proprietary marketing software and buyer database are game changers for our clients. We strategically identify potential buyers and generate a competitive environment for the purchase of your business. There’s thousands of businesses for sale each day. Allow Babcock Advisors to properly display your unique selling proposition.

Have multiple Buyers Compete!

Exit Your Company on Your Terms

Deal Structure is crucial to your overall success. Contract expertise can empower or decimate one party without duel understanding. Having worked with you from the onset. We will have understanding of your needs and how we can best structure an exit of your company.

Exit at the right Price!