Before taking your company to market, we’ll answer your number one question, ‘what is my business worth?’. To achieve an answer, our evaluation professionals will ask you a lot of meaningful questions and analyze your business. They’ll recast your financials and analyze your intangible assets, presenting them in a way that unlocks hidden value. They will forecast the future under a buyer’s ownership to position you to decide how to proceed. By the end of the process, you’ll have a clear understanding of what your company is worth – and a figure that helps you decide how to proceed.


For many of our clients, this will mean holding off going to market. But it’s not the end of our service. Every single client is given our value enhancement planning tool (which is customized for their business), the Road map to Enhancing Value. By identifying key areas in which your business can improve its value, we can drive your company forward and prepare it for the day you’re ready to go to market. Both the Road map for Enhancing Value and our Evaluation documents include two free updates, guaranteeing our advice remains relevant as your company goes to market.


Whether it is the day you receive your company’s valuation or five years down the line, we’ll do everything that’s needed to take your company to market. This starts with creating the kind of comprehensive documentation needed to attract optimal buyers and investors. Once it’s complete we’ll draw up a specific marketing plan for your business, as well as introducing you to tens of thousands of global buyers who have a combined $2 trillion to spend on acquiring businesses such as yours.


When you are ready, our deal team will distribute marketing documentation to reveal your investment opportunities to the widest possible market and an audience of potential entities which may include private equity, family offices, offshore buyers, corporate strategics, and individual investors, with the goal of creating a limited auction for your company.


When your business begins to attract offers, your dealmaker will negotiate on your behalf to strike a deal that reflects your requirements and future needs. The experience and composure our dealmakers bring to the negotiation table can be priceless.


When you decide to accept an offer, our work is only half finished. Deal structuring can be as crucial to your overall success as any other part of the process – perhaps more so. Having worked with you from the outset, our deal makers understand your personal and professional situation, and can work to structure a deal that achieves your current and future requirements.