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  • Its the end of crypto as we know it and I feel fine

    Watching the current price madness is scary. Bitcoin is falling and rising in $500 increments with regularity and Ethereum and its attendant ICOs are in a seeming freefall with a few “dead cat bounces” to keep things lively. What this signals is not that crypto is dead, however. It signals that the early, elated period […]

  • Everything Is for Sale in Cyprus, and Chinas Buying

    increasingly assertive global powerhouse of 1.4 billion people, the other an island nation of 1.2 million that boasts a strategic location and a reputation for a no-questions-asked approach to financial affairs. That makes for a compelling match as China seeks to expand its footprint inside the European Union. “We have investments right across all sectors of […]

  • Shakeup Looms for China’s Electric-Vehicle Makers

    China’s breakneck push to lead the world in electric-vehicle adoption may cause collateral damage among the legion of domestic carmakers deemed superfluous to that mission. A flurry of manufacturing and technology alliances plus an investment in Daimler AG by auto magnate Li Shufu valued at 7.3 billion euros ($9 billion) point to the urgency among Chinese carmakers […]

  • China Takes a Hard Look at Corporate Borrowers

    The U.S. and Europe aren’t the only places where authorities are trying to wean economies off easy money. In China, policymakers and financial regulators are working hand in hand to defuse a debt bomb. But they’re doing it without resorting to big interest rate hikes that might crimp growth. China’s total debt equaled 162 percent […]