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  • Billionaires at the Gate: Ultra-Rich Muscle In on Private Equity

    America’s last Gilded Age had its “List of 400”: the people said to be worthy enough, or at least rich enough, to climb the pinnacles of high society. Today, in an age of affluence not even the Astors and Vanderbilts might have imagined, there is something closer to a List of 55. Its members are […]

  • How a Phone Call From Her Bank Threatened an Entrepreneurs Small Business

    Office of Foreign Asset Control, says spokeswoman Ashley Frost. She declined further comment or to address questions about Doddle. Banks are on guard against potential sanctions violations. Four years ago, BNP Paribas SA was hit with a penalty of $88 million in 2011 to settle allegations it had violated multiple sanctions involving Cuba and Iran. JPMorgan hasn’t […]

  • Everything Is for Sale in Cyprus, and Chinas Buying

    increasingly assertive global powerhouse of 1.4 billion people, the other an island nation of 1.2 million that boasts a strategic location and a reputation for a no-questions-asked approach to financial affairs. That makes for a compelling match as China seeks to expand its footprint inside the European Union. “We have investments right across all sectors of […]

  • A New Tax Break for Poor Neighborhoods Could Benefit Luxury Developers

    The idea for opportunity zones was hatched three years ago in a white paper from the Economic Innovation Group, a non-profit founded by Sean Parker, the Napster creator and first president of Facebook Inc., to “empower entrepreneurs and investors to forge a more dynamic economy throughout America.” The authors—Jared Bernstein, one of the key members […]

  • Esports On Your Phone Are Worth Real Money

    Skillz Inc. booth. “Mobile esports was the hottest thing at GDC,” Paradise says. “The industry is shifting very quickly.” Esports contests have gone from peripheral affairs to massive spectacles, with investment from billion-dollar game publishers, broadcast TV networks, and venture capitalists pouring into teams adept at PC games. Mobile games such as and attract more […]

  • The Retail Real Estate Glut Is Getting Worse

    Real estate can put a floor under the value of a retailer and make it easier for the company to borrow. Maybe a particular store concept doesn’t work out as consumers’ tastes change, but in that case, investors can always sell the land and buildings to someone with a better plan. Long-term leases can be […]

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