• Tech giants offer empty apologies because users cant quit

    A true apology consists of a sincere acknowledgement of wrong-doing, a show of empathic remorse for why you wronged and the harm it caused and a promise of restitution by improving ones actions to make things right. Without the follow-through, saying sorry isn’t an apology, it’s a hollow ploy for forgiveness. That’s the kind of […]

  • Fake news inquiry calls for social media levy to defend democracy

    A UK parliamentary committee which has been running a multi-month investigation into the impact of online disinformation on political campaigning — and on democracy itself — has published a preliminary report highlighting what it describes as “significant concerns” over the risks to “shared values and the integrity of our democratic institutions”. It’s calling for “urgent […]

  • How Facebook Checks Facts and Polices Hate Speech

    Chris Cox has long been the chief product officer for Facebook. He has also recently been promoted to run product at WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram, which means he is effectively in charge of product for four of the six largest social media platforms in the world. He recently sat down with WIRED editor in chief […]

  • Toward transitive data privacy and securing the data you dont share

    Anshu Sharma We are spending a lot of time discussing what happens to data when you explicitly or implicitly share it. But what about data that you have never ever shared? We all share DNA  —  after all, it seems we are all descendants of a few tribes. But the more closely related you are, […]

  • Iraq Psyops Veteran Running Covert Attacks on Qatar

    By Jessica Purkiss and Abigail Fielding-Smith A veteran of Pentagon propaganda operations was hired last year to create a film accusing Qatar of links to terrorism, Copies of the video were distributed at an event at the Hudson Institute think-tank in October 2017. President Trumps one-time Chief Strategist General David Petraeus, former CIA director. Though […]

  • Zuckerberg Defends Facebook’s Value While Senators Question Apology

    People use its services ‘100 billion times a day’: Zuckerberg ‘We’ve seen the apology tours,’ scoffed Senator Blumenthal Mark Zuckerberg defended the social network’s value before Congress and pledged to correct its mistakes, as senators questioned whether he’ll deliver after years of failed assurances that he’d protect user privacy. “People come to Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, […]