Tag: Consumer Price Index

  • Bond-Stock Clash Has Just Begun as Inflation Looms

    The tug-of-war between stocks and bonds is at the heart of the shakeout roiling financial markets. This week’s U.S. inflation report could hold the key to the next phase. Seemingly every time 10-year Treasury yields approached a four-year high last week, equities investors panicked, fearing the specter of higher inflation and a more aggressive pace of […]

  • Here Are the Big Tax Changes House Republicans Are Proposing

    House Republicans announced a 39.6 percent. The personal exemption of $4,050 each would be repealed, and the tax thresholds would be increased annually according to a rule called chained CPI.  Chained CPI is a formula that would subject more income to higher tax rates than under the regular consumer price index. Here are the initial […]