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  • Coinbase Doubles Down on the Future of Digital Identity

    Earlier this year, the executors of #DeleteFacebook engaged in a form of decentralized group therapy. Catharsis came in a zip file downloaded before deletion, containing the data you shared with Facebook—your friends, your photos, your posts—and with it, the data Facebook shared about you: the ads you clicked, the list of businesses that know where […]

  • Another Failed Silicon Valley Exec Gets a Crypto Project

    Lucas Duplan, who founded Clinkle and made it into an object lesson in Silicon Valley overhype, is plotting a return. He has raised money from his family and outside investors for a venture fund focused on backing enterprise-software startups, WIRED has learned. The fund will operate out of New York and has backed at least […]

  • 187 Things the Blockchain Is Supposed to Fix

    When businesses latch onto a buzzword, it quickly becomes the solution to everything. Not long ago, in the era of “big data,” companies scrambled to add chief data scientists to their ranks. Before that, vendors of all manner touted their innovative social, local, mobile solutions (or SoLoMo, in industry parlance). Lately, corporations have been talking […]

  • Praying To Satoshi at the Blockchain Art Expo

    I bent down, rested my knees on a prayer cushion, and began typing into a small computer. In front of me were dozens of candles, flowers, Japanese lucky cat figurines, and several wallet-sized picture frames. They held photos of Vitalik Buterin, the Canadian programmer who cofounded the computing platform Ethereum, as well as of Dorian […]

  • The Blockchain Solution to Our Deepfake Problems

    Blockchain has always seemed to me like a solution looking for a problem, which isn’t a criticism. The laser, the transistor, and the integrated circuit all lingered, underutilized, until either the technology evolved, a complementary technology matured, and/or some clever entrepreneur enabled their wide and disruptive adoption. Or take barcodes, which were first deployed with […]

  • Coinbase has hired LinkedIns M&A boss to spearhead new acquisitions

    Coinbase is continuing its executive hiring spree as the company has announced that Emilie Choi is joining Coinbase as vice president of Corporate and Business Development. Choi comes from LinkedIn where she was vice president of Corporate Development and oversaw a total of 40 M&A-related transactions. Prior to that she worked in business development roles at […]