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  • Why Saudi Arabia Would Want to Invest in Elon Musk and Tesla

    At first blush, Elon Musk and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia may appear to be strange bedfellows. The latter is a country that owes its massive wealth to Big Oil, and the former is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur determined to “accelerate the transition to sustainable energy” with electric cars and solar panels. But, according to […]

  • The Race to Send Robots to Mine the Ocean Floor

    When the 300-foot Maersk Launcher docked in San Diego early Monday morning, it unloaded a cargo of hardened black blobs scooped from the bottom of the sea. The blobs are not rocks, but naturally-occurring metallic nodules that could one day yield metal deposits of cobalt, manganese, and nickel—not to mention scarce rare earth minerals. As […]

  • Formula 1-Inspired Electric Cars Are Coming to India and Australia

    Tycoon Sanjeev Gupta targeting production in the early 2020’s GFG Alliance is bidding on auto parts makers in India, France Read more: Toyota to Shut Australian Car Plants Ending Local Industry Murray’s iStream design applies motor-sport principles to reduce the weight of a regular vehicle and claims to cut the cost of an assembly plant […]

  • Shakeup Looms for China’s Electric-Vehicle Makers

    China’s breakneck push to lead the world in electric-vehicle adoption may cause collateral damage among the legion of domestic carmakers deemed superfluous to that mission. A flurry of manufacturing and technology alliances plus an investment in Daimler AG by auto magnate Li Shufu valued at 7.3 billion euros ($9 billion) point to the urgency among Chinese carmakers […]

  • As electric vehicles make a move to the mainstream, utilities are taking notice

    In a move highlighting the growing importance of electric charging stations to utilities, Italian power giant Enel has bought a small, fast-growing California developer of charging stations and power management software. Through its EnerNOC subsidiary, Enel acquired San Carlos, Calif.-based Electric Motor Werks for an undisclosed amount, in a transaction that could be a harbinger […]