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  • Fake news inquiry calls for social media levy to defend democracy

    A UK parliamentary committee which has been running a multi-month investigation into the impact of online disinformation on political campaigning — and on democracy itself — has published a preliminary report highlighting what it describes as “significant concerns” over the risks to “shared values and the integrity of our democratic institutions”. It’s calling for “urgent […]

  • How Facebook Checks Facts and Polices Hate Speech

    Chris Cox has long been the chief product officer for Facebook. He has also recently been promoted to run product at WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram, which means he is effectively in charge of product for four of the six largest social media platforms in the world. He recently sat down with WIRED editor in chief […]

  • The future of AI relies on a code of ethics

    Matthew Howard intense scrutiny I am aware of a few existing initiatives focused on more research, best practices and collaboration; however, it’s clear that there’s much more work to be done.  No one will be left untouched. It’s true that AI is the next stage of tech evolution, and that it’s everywhere. It has become portable, accessible and […]

  • The Blockchain Solution to Our Deepfake Problems

    Blockchain has always seemed to me like a solution looking for a problem, which isn’t a criticism. The laser, the transistor, and the integrated circuit all lingered, underutilized, until either the technology evolved, a complementary technology matured, and/or some clever entrepreneur enabled their wide and disruptive adoption. Or take barcodes, which were first deployed with […]

  • Facebook expands Community Boost digital skills training program to Europe

    Facebook has announced it’s expanding a free training program that teaches Internet-skills, media literacy and online safety to Europe. It says its “ambition” is to train 300,000 people across six EU countries by 2020 — specifically in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Poland. It also says it will be opening “digital learning centers” in […]