Tag: Fund Management

  • What Led the Middle East’s Top Dealmaker to Step Down

    The Middle East’s biggest private equity dealmaker is stepping aside under a cloud of controversy. Arif Naqvi ceded control of the fund-management unit of his Abraaj Group in February on the heels of allegations that money in the company’s health fund had been misused. Naqvi and the company denied any wrongdoing and blamed unforeseen political and […]

  • GE’s $100 Billion Wipeout Heralds Reckoning for an American Icon

    Few under the age of 30 might remember, but General Electric Co. was once a model of corporate greatness. Back in 1999, when Steve Jobs was still fiddling with iMacs, Fortune magazine proclaimed Jack Welch, then GE’s chief executive officer, the best manager of the 20th Century. Few people — of whatever age — would […]

  • Europe’s Fee-Destroying ETF Revolution

    The surge in investor demand for exchange-traded funds that's transformed the U.S. investing landscape is just getting underway in Europe. The likely outcome is lower fee revenue, the Darwinistic death of underperforming active managers, and more mergers in the fund management industry. The global universe of ETFs has surged by more than 70 percent in […]