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  • Samsung Targets Big-Phone Obsessives With the Galaxy Note 9

    A funny thing happened in the six years since Samsung first announced its line of Galaxy Note smartphones. A few things happened, more accurately. In an effort to compete with the Note, other phone makers started making large-screened phones, and later, edge-to-edge displays. Big phones got better-looking, in general. Many were imbued with powerful graphics […]

  • The Formula for Phone Addiction Might Double As a Cure

    In September 2007, 75 students walked into a classroom at Stanford. Ten weeks later, they had collectively amassed 16 million users, $1 million dollars in advertising revenue, and a formula that would captivate a generation. The class—colloquially known as "The Facebook Class"—and its instructor, BJ Fogg, became Silicon Valley legends. Graduates went on to work […]

  • The Movi Phone Stabilizer Will Make All Your Videos Look Better

    Tabb Firchau thinks a lot about the future of cinema. He's the president of Freefly Systems, a company that makes high-end camera gear like $20,000 gimbals and $17,000 drones for Hollywood movies and shows. The company's creations help professional filmmakers get sweeping aerial footage they can't capture with a standard camera rig, but those high […]