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  • GE’s Health Business Is Ready for Its Close-Up

    General Electric Co.’s breakup gives its health-care unit a chance to shine. The industrial company on Tuesday said it would spin off the division as part of a broader restructuring that will also include the divestiture of its stake in the Baker Hughes energy business and a further shrinking of GE Capital. The health-care unit, […]

  • Everything Is for Sale in Cyprus, and Chinas Buying

    increasingly assertive global powerhouse of 1.4 billion people, the other an island nation of 1.2 million that boasts a strategic location and a reputation for a no-questions-asked approach to financial affairs. That makes for a compelling match as China seeks to expand its footprint inside the European Union. “We have investments right across all sectors of […]

  • Environmentalists to Join the Space Race With Methane-Sensing Satellite

    Environmentalists to detect major source of greenhouse gases Methane sensor would improve climate pollution estimates Read More: Will Judges Have the Last Word on Climate Change? The last year has brought increased attention to methane, long a concern of scientists. The International Energy Agency last October calculated that three-quarters of current methane emissions (76 megatons) […]

  • California’s Hunt for Cleaner Air Smells Like Opportunity

    California’s push for cleaner air means extra cost for giant oil refiners and an opportunity for small companies using new technologies to help them pollute less. In 2017, the state’s Governor Jerry Brown signed a law that expands refinery emissions monitoring rules and seeks to improve the air quality for neighboring communities. For Anoosheh Oskouian, […]

  • David Beckhams Latest Pitch: Mens Cosmetics

    Men of the world, David Beckham has a message for you: Moisturize. “It’s the biggest thing,” he says in a London warehouse-turned-nightclub where he’s launching a grooming brand, House 99, in partnership with Adidas AG and Source: L’Oréal L’Oréal’s stable of brands such as Maybelline and Urban Decay have made it the global leader in […]

  • From Tax Refunds to Restrooms, What the Shutdown Has Shut Down

    Visitors to national parks will be prevented from using the full-service restrooms. Tourists won’t be able to get into the National Air and Space Museum after Sunday. The Internal Revenue Service will stop issuing refunds, but it will also stop conducting audits. At first glance, the tangible consequences of the latest government shutdown may seem […]