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  • Sophia Genetics bags $77M Series E, with 850+ hospitals signed up to its data-driven medicine

    Another sizeable cash injection for big data biotech: Sophia Genetics has announced a $77 million Series E funding round, bringing its total raised to $140 million since the business was founded back in 2011. The company, which applies AI to DNA sequencing to enable what it dubs “data-driven medicine,” last closed a $30 million Series […]

  • Biotech Gets Some Silicon Valley Shine at Illuminas New Campus

    Employees arriving at the Peninsula’s newest, shiniest corporate campus will find it equipped with all the creature comforts now expected in Silicon Valley. There are gaming consoles with stadium-level seating; a tricked-out gym where trainers both real and virtual will kick your butt into shape; well-sod grounds where you can walk off your local, vegan, […]

  • A Familys Race to Cure a Daughters Genetic Disease

    One July afternoon last summer, Matt Wilsey distributed small plastic tubes to 60 people gathered in a Palo Alto, California, hotel. Most of them had traveled thousands of miles to be here; now, each popped the top off a barcoded tube, spat in about half a teaspoon of saliva, and closed the tube. Some massaged […]

  • Neuroscientists Just Launched an Atlas of the Developing Human Brain

    Your brain is one enigmatic hunk of meat—a wildly complex web of neurons numbering in the tens of billions. But years ago, when you were in the womb, it began as little more than a scattering of undifferentiated stem cells. A series of genetic signals transformed those blank slates into the wrinkly, three-pound mass between […]