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  • Food deliverys untapped opportunity

    Tri Tran Investors may have already placed their orders in the consumer food delivery space, but there’s still a missing recipe for solving the more than  that’s begging for venture firms to put more cooks in the kitchen.  SyscoUS FoodsAmazon bought Whole Foodsthreat of AmazonThe business-to-business food problem food and ingredient delivery for businesses is vastly […]

  • Robomart is the latest startup to try and unseat the local convenience store

    Customers would license the platform, vehicle and all, on a 24 month lease. “It’s significantly cheaper than setting up a new store,” Ahmed said. “And customers can shop for goods without pre-ordering.” Interiors come equipped with either a refrigeration or heating system, and Ahmed says he’s talked to wholesalers about equipping separate trucks to mimic […]