• Starting with data centers, Carbon Relay is slashing energy costs and emissions using AI

    Taiwanese technology giant Foxconn International is backing Carbon Relay, a Boston-based startup emerging from stealth today that’s harnessing the algorithms used by companies like Facebook and Google for artificial intelligence to curb greenhouse gas emissions in the technology industry’s own backyard — the data center. Already, the computing demands of the technology industry are responsible […]

  • Why Silicon Valley needs more visas

    Henrique Dubugras Photo courtesy of Flickr/jvoves While it might sound counterintuitive, immigrants create more jobs and make our economy stronger. Research from the National Foundation of American Policy (NFAP) has shown that immigrant-founded billion-dollar companies doubled their number of employees over the past two years. According to the research, “WeWork went from 1,200 to 6,000 […]

  • The Purpose of the Corporation IsntLobbying

    If you were out to depict Milton Friedman-style free-market economics as a matter of faith more than reason, you couldn’t do much better than have a choir called Friedmans Apostlar (Friedman’s Apostles, or just the Milton Friedman Choir) sing a hymn that begins: Milton Friedman On corporations says Corporations have no social duty Except to those who […]