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  • Why Silicon Valley needs more visas

    Henrique Dubugras Photo courtesy of Flickr/jvoves While it might sound counterintuitive, immigrants create more jobs and make our economy stronger. Research from the National Foundation of American Policy (NFAP) has shown that immigrant-founded billion-dollar companies doubled their number of employees over the past two years. According to the research, “WeWork went from 1,200 to 6,000 […]

  • The hottest new space to disrupt is immigration

    Ayah Bdeir Tech CEOs and founders are disrupting everything from travel to food, to space, to sleep. Now it’s time to disrupt a process that so many of us have relied on to get where we are today: immigration. According to a study by the National Foundation for American Policy, immigrants have founded more than half […]

  • Democrats Torn on Whether to Negotiate With Trump Over Family-Separation Policy

    The Trump administrations Top Democratic aides said on Tuesday that the caucus had two major concerns about the possibility of entering into negotiations to put an end to the crisis. The first was that it would invite Trump to manufacture crises in the future, cognizant that it could bring Democrats to the negotiating table. We […]

  • The startup community must defend merit-based immigration

    Bobby Franklin Photo courtesy of Flickr/jvoves It’s almost like he was describing IER without naming it. After all, we are talking about a program where a successful applicant must create a new high-growth enterprise that will in turn employ Americans and contribute to our nation’s technological and scientific advancement. Furthermore, the applicant’s status in the […]

  • Chain Migration Helped Millions of Striving FamiliesIncluding Mine

    the American dream. Nor does Trump understand the American story. For if he did, he wouldnt be trying to destroy both by radically rewriting our immigration laws to end family unification, which he despicably refers to as chain migration. I have seen what Trump calls chain migration up close and personal. It is my familys […]

  • Lawlessness in Immigration Jails for 250,000 Detainees Finally Allowed to Remain in America

    Nine years and four months, Sylvester Owino says. Thats how long he was jailed in immigration detention, waiting for his deportation case to be resolved. He did not want to go back to Kenya, where he says he would not only be jailed but also tortured because of his political dissent. Although his time behind […]