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  • TechCrunch Conversations: Direct listings

    Last April, Spotify surprised Wall Street bankers by choosing to go public through a direct listing process rather than through a traditional IPO. Instead of issuing new shares, the company simply sold existing shares held by insiders, employees and investors directly to the market – bypassing the roadshow process and avoiding at least some of Wall […]

  • July sets a record for number of $100M+ venture capital rounds

    Jason Rowley It’s certainly a record high for the past decade. Earlier this month, we set out to find when the current mega-round trend began. We found that, prior to the tail end of 2013, supergiant VC rounds were relatively rare. In a given month between 2007 and the start of the supergiant round era, a […]

  • What every startup founder should know about exits

    Benjamin Joffe The dream of a startup founder can often be summarized by the following well-intentioned, and mostly delusional, quote: “We’ll You invest a few years of hard work to build something of value. One day you receive an acquisition offer out of the blue. You’re elated. And you’re not prepared. You drop everything to focus […]

  • Home run exits happen stealthily for biotech

    Joanna Glasner Racking up post-IPO gains It’s also not uncommon for biotech startups to grow into multi-billion dollar public companies a few years after IPO. Using Crunchbase data, we put together a list of a dozen life science companies that went public in roughly the past five years and have recent market values ranging from $1.5 billion […]

  • The state of the IPO market

    Sandy Miller Sixteen months ago, I predicted 2017 would be “the best year for tech IPOs since the dot-com heyday almost two decades ago.” according to Renaissance Capital. High-profile companies like Lyft, Sonos, Eventbrite and Airbnb are all in various stages that signal they may go public. Startups now have more options, including remaining private. […]

  • Ceridian up 42% following payroll software IPO

    Stock market investors greeted payroll software company Ceridian with enthusiasm on its debut Thursday. After pricing above its expected range at $22 per share, the stock shot up 42 percent, closing above $31 by day’s end. Ceridian helps clients ranging from BlackRock to Trader Joe’s keep tabs on personnel, including payroll, benefits and onboarding. Its […]