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  • Commercial insurtech is like an exclusive club and Google and Amazon arent invited

    Chris Downer Tech companies and VCs in the insurance space have probably read many of the news articles about Amazon and Google entering insurance (here, here and here). Given their nearly unlimited resources, this may be intimidating to some in the industry. Whether one views these moves as a threat, a welcomed development or something in-between, it’s […]

  • League raises $47.1M Series B to fix corporate health care benefits

    League’s mission is to let employees take more control over their health plans, while reducing costs for companies by providing a HIPAA-compliant platform that connects all benefits. This enables employees to manage their health plan and benefits with League’s chat-based online assistant and a digital wallet. They also gain more transparency into things like health […]

  • How did Thumbtack win the on-demand services market?

    Earlier today, the services marketplace Thumbtack held a small conference for 300 of its best gig economy workers at an event space in San Francisco. For the nearly ten-year-old company the event was designed to introduce some new features and a redesign of its brand that had softly launched earlier in the week. On hand, […]

  • Neos launches IoT-powered home insurance UK-wide

    What do you get if you combine the Internet of Things with the business of home insurance? U.K. startup Neos is hoping the answer is prevention rather than (just) payouts. Its home insurance product is intended to lean on sensor tech and wireless connectivity to reduce home-related risks — like fire and water damage, break-ins […]