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  • Jordyn Woods to Khlo Kardashian: Im No Homewrecker

    Jordyn Woods, eyelash entrepreneur and recent Kardashian empire exile, just broke her silence on Red Table Talk. Last week, Jordyn appeared to betray her role as Kylie Jenners best friend by allegedly hooking up with Tristan Thompson, the father of Khlo Kardashians child. In the aftermath, Woods has suffered major consequences, reportedly losing source of […]

  • All the (Fun) Celebrity Gossip That Kept Us Sane in 2017

    Its 2017, and celebrities are reckoning with their relative insignificance in the face of omnipresent news updates and escalating terror. Starstheyre just like us! This isnt to say that celebrities havent been up to their old tricksmisbehaving, fighting, fucking, and going all out on Twitter. Its just hard to pay attention to these antics while […]