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  • KKR’s Kravis, Roberts Pocket Combined $343 Million in 2017

    KKR & Co.’s Henry Kravis took home $169.7 million last year, while fellow co-founder George Roberts topped that with $173.1 million. Each of the two, who are cousins, earned a $300,000 salary and about $67.8 million in carried interest, or his share of investment profits, according to New York-based KKR’s annual report filed Friday. Much […]

  • Carlyle’s Three Founders Take Home $193 Million in 2017 Payouts

    Carlyle Group LP’s David Rubenstein, Bill Conway and Dan D’Aniello pocketed $193 million in combined payouts in 2017, down from $191.3 million in 2017, almost all of which was stock dividends, according to the firm’s 10-K filed Monday. Carlyle earned $641.2 million in distributable earnings last year, up from $625.9 million in 2016. The Carlyle […]

  • Everybody Wants to Invest Like Buffett. Heres What It Takes

    A few years ago, private equity managers were growing tired of sitting on the sidelines, watching Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway make landmark investments in Kraft Heinz and BNSF Railway. They wanted to get in the game. To play, they would need to give themselves lots of time—decades, in fact—and as near-to-permanent capital as they could […]