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  • Mixmax brings LinkedIn integration and better task automation to its Gmail tool

    Mixmax today introduced version 2.0 of its Gmail-based tool and plugin for Chrome that promises to make your daily communications chores a bit easier to handle. With version 2.0, Mixmax gets an updated editor that better integrates with the current Gmail interface and that gets out of the way of popular extensions like Grammarly. That’s […]

  • Facebook takes on LinkedIn as a career portal with e-learning, expanded mentorship and jobs features

    With the launch of a way for people to connect with each other in mentoring relationships, and to look for jobs, Facebook has over the last year or so slowly been encroaching on LinkedIn’s territory as the go-to platform for people who want to leverage their networks of contacts to expand their career prospects. With […]

  • Tiger Global is in talks to invest in cryptocurrency unicorn Coinbase at $8B valuation

    Days after reports emerged that Tiger Global had led the $245 million round for payments platform Stripe, the firm has set its sights on cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase. The six-year-old company is in negotiations with Tiger Global to raise up to $500 million at an $8 billion valuation, per Recode. Coinbase declined to comment on […]

  • Inside the pay-for-post ICO industry

    In a world where nothing can be trusted and fake news abounds, ICO and crypto teams are further muddying the waters by trying – and often failing – to pay for posts. While bribes for blogs is nothing new, sadly the current crop of ICO creators and crypto projects are particularly interested in scaling fast […]

  • LinkedIn sucks

    I hate LinkedIn . I open it out of habit and accept everyone who adds me because I don’t know why I wouldn’t. There is no clear benefit to the social network. I’ve never met a recruiter on there. I’ve never gotten a job. The only messages I get are spam from offshore dev teams […]

  • Reid Hoffman to talk blitzscaling at Disrupt SF 2018

    When it comes to scaling startups, few people are as accomplished or consistently successful as Reid Hoffman . While the rest of us consider scaling a startup to market domination a daunting task, Hoffman has continued to make it look easy. In September, Hoffman will join us at TC Disrupt SF to share his strategies […]