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  • AI Chatbots Try to Schedule MeetingsWithout Enraging Us

    OK, that’s peevish. However trivial it may sound, creating an AI program to successfully schedule meetings is a monstrously difficult challenge, and the people who are trying to perfect Andrew Ingram—the 53 full-time employees of X.ai—are some of the most dedicated nerds you’ll ever meet. Dressed in T-shirts and jeans, they bustle about their Manhattan […]

  • This Is Ajit Pai, Nemesis of Net Neutrality

    In March, Ajit Pai, the 45-year-old chair of the Federal Communications Commission, took to the internet—a community he joyfully inhabits and grudgingly regulates—to pay tribute to his favorite movie. “It’s not just, like, my opinion, man: 20 years ago today, #TheBigLebowski—the greatest film in the history of cinema—was released,” Pai wrote on Twitter. “Decades on, […]