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  • The Mission to Build the Ultimate Burger Bot

    Brian Finke Angelo Vardakostas sailed into Los Angeles on a Greek commercial ship in 1955. Greeks were opening diners across the country at the time—mom-and-pop analogs to the McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr., and Kentucky Fried Chicken chains that were multiplying in the postwar sprawl—and Angelo hopped off at the port and started looking for a job. […]

  • My favorite bad idea at CES: a laundry-folding robot that doesn’t work yet

    Image: Mashable / bridget bennett Who actually likes doing laundry? First you have to sort through your clothes, organize them by material and color, wash them, dry them —then after all that, fold them. But what if you could have a subservient robot take care of the last step for you? SEE ALSO: Google declares […]