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  • The many twists and turns of hardware

    Steve Sloane Note: This is the final article in a three-part series on valuation thoughts for common sectors of venture-capital investment. The first article, which attempts to make sense of the SaaS revenue multiple, can be found here; the second, on public marketplaces can be found here. In the context of these splashy exits, it is interesting to […]

  • These startup exits delivered the biggest bang for the buck

    Joanna Glasner Contributor Life sciences delivers some large returns Venture-backed life science companies generally pursue IPOs at a higher rate and earlier stage of development than their tech counterparts. That’s in part because public markets are a popular source of financing for clinical trials, and investors have historically been willing to buy shares of pre-revenue […]

  • US & Canada VCs favor late-stage giants over upstarts in Q4

    Joanna Glasner Contributor Quarterly totals Let’s start with Q4 numbers. Out of the $21.9 billion in projected total investment for the quarter, about 44 percent, or $9.7 billion, went to late-stage deals. Another 12 percent, or $2.6 billion, went to technology-growth rounds, a newly redefined category for Crunchbase News that includes many of the big financings for […]