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  • Polis, the door-to-door marketer, raises another $2.5 million

    Polis founder Kendall Tucker began her professional life as a campaign organizer in local Democratic politics, but — seeing an opportunity in her one-on-one conversations with everyday folks — has built a business taking that shoe leather approach to political campaigns to the business world. Now the company she founded to test her thesis that […]

  • Taali takes its popped water lily snacks from Y Combinator to the world

    Aditya and Aarti Kochhar Kaji didn’t set out to start the snack food business Taali Foods when they were studying for their business degrees at Harvard. The couple both hail from Mumbai and met at the University of Pennsylvania . They were married before starting at Harvard’s Business School and initially were interested in other areas […]

  • Cities that didnt win HQ2 shouldnt be counted out

    Brooks Rainwater Contributor Share on Twitter Scott Andes is the program director for the National League of Cities City Innovation Ecosystem program. Now that the process, and hysteria, are over, and cities have stopped asking “how can we get Amazon,” we’d like to ask a different question: How can cities build stronger start-up ecosystems for […]

  • Managing the music business from a mobile phone, Jammber is making the industry sing

    The music business is littered with stories about songwriters or studio contributors and session musicians who never get the credit — or money — they’re often due for their work on hit songs. And for every storied session musician in “The Wrecking Crew” there are perhaps hundreds of other contributors who aren’t getting their just […]

  • Palmer Luckey, political martyr?

    In the middle of testimony over Facebook’s privacy scandal, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas took a moment to grill Mark Zuckerberg over his company’s political loyalties. In the course of a testy exchange between Sen. Cruz and Zuckerberg, the senator brought up the dismissal of Palmer Luckey, the controversial founder of virtual reality tech development […]

  • House Tax Chief Plans to Simplify Rules on Partnerships, LLCs

    House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady said Sunday he anticipates changes in the Republican tax bill that would “simplify” rules surrounding a proposed 25 percent tax rate for partnerships, limited liability companies and other so-called pass-through businesses. The bill released last week would focus a tax cut on only the highest-earning businesses, leaving out […]