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  • The Comcast-NBC Merger Offers Little Guidance for AT&T-Time Warner

    AT&T spent last week in court slugging it out with the Department of Justice over its $85 billion plan to acquire Time Warner. The DOJ argues the deal could lead to higher cable television prices for consumers, while AT&T says the deal is routine and that the agency is blocking it for political reasons. On […]

  • Time Warner will be fine even if the AT&T acquisition doesnt go through

    Time Warner will be fine even if the government blocks the bid from AT&T to buy the company. That’s the word from John Martin, the free-wheeling chief executive of Time Warner subsidiary Turner Inc., who was speaking at the Code Media conference in Huntington Beach. For the record, Martin says that the government’s position on […]

  • Why the Government is Right to Block the AT&T-Time Warner Merger

    Despite what Randall Stephenson thinks, the Department of Justice’s suit blocking AT&T from acquiring Time Warner’s assets in an $85 billion merger is a great moment for antitrust in America. It’s late, but it’s welcome. WIRED Opinion About Susan Crawford is a professor at Harvard Law School and the author of The Responsive City and […]

  • Government Move to Block AT&T Merger Bodes Ill for BigTech

    The Justice Department filed a lawsuit Monday to block AT&T's planned $85 billion acquisition of Time Warner, in a move that could signal tougher scrutiny for tech companies. The lawsuit breaks with the recent DOJ tradition of approving mergers between companies that don't directly compete, such as AT&T and Time Warner. The government followed that […]