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  • The White House will meet with tech execs to talk transformational ideas

    Top tech executives from Google, Microsoft, Qualcomm and Oracle will head to the White House next Thursday to discuss “bold, transformational ideas” focused on U.S. innovation. The meeting, framed as a “roundtable discussion” by The Wall Street Journal, is expected to cover a broad range of emerging tech topics, from 5G to AI to quantum […]

  • Inside Palmer Luckeys Bid to Build a Border Wall

    Benjamin Rasmussen Luckey grew up in Long Beach, California; his dad was a car salesman, and his mother homeschooled him and his three sisters. “I was a PC gamer,” he told me in 2015, “and I was always upgrading my PC, getting the best monitors, the newest graphics cards.” He wanted to feel as if he […]

  • Palmer Luckey, political martyr?

    In the middle of testimony over Facebook’s privacy scandal, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas took a moment to grill Mark Zuckerberg over his company’s political loyalties. In the course of a testy exchange between Sen. Cruz and Zuckerberg, the senator brought up the dismissal of Palmer Luckey, the controversial founder of virtual reality tech development […]

  • The Lasting Impacts of Trump’s First Year

    As a candidate for president, Donald J. Trump scarcely mentioned the word "tech." One year since he took the oath of office, that hasn't changed much. And yet just a year in, the Trump administration has shaped policy in ways that will radically alter the country's long-term ability to innovate—and often not for the better. […]