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  • Nigerian logistics startup Kobo360 accepted into YC, raises $1.2 million

    Jake Bright When Nigerian logistics startup Kobo360 interviewed for Y Combinator’s 2018 cohort, a question stood out to founder Obi Ozor. “What’s holding you back from becoming a unicorn?,” they asked. “My answer was simple,” said Ozor. “Working capital.” The startup — with an Uber -like app that connects Nigerian truckers to companies with freight needs […]

  • UPS bets on blockchain as the future of the trillion-dollar shipping industry

    Deep Patel Contributor The future of logistics and freighting will be heavily dependent on blockchain. The main appeal of blockchain technology lies in its ability to create decentralized and immutable ledgers — networks that have no single point of failure, are maintained by multiple parties and whose information cannot be hacked or corrupted. This increases […]